Musée Ephrussi de Rothschild

Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild (1864-1934) could have led a life of indolent luxury, but her passions for travel and fine art, combined with an iron will, led to the creation of the most perfect "dream villa" of the Riviera, Villa Ile-de-France. She competed with King Léopold II of Belgium for the land, and later supervised every aspect of the villa's creation. It was completed in 1912 but Béatrice had only four years in which to enjoy its beauty. After her death in 1916 of her beloved husband, whom she called "Frousse", she never lived there again. The villa remains a monument to a woman of spirit and vision.

Aerial view of "Villa Ile-de-France"
Beatrice christened her villa in memory of an ocean voyage on the luxury liner of the same name. The dream villa is located in the center of the Cap Ferrat peninsula with sea views on both sides; its stucco walls are colored in her favorite shade of rose pink.

View from a bedroom window inside Villa Rothschild

Jeff at the Villa Rothschild on Cap Ferrat

Exotic gardens of Villa Rothschild
The French garden is designed to resemble a ship. At parties, staff wore sailors' uniforms to enhance the illusion. Other garden themes include Florence and Japan, complete with a miniature Pagoda.

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