Our paludier & guide harvests fleur-de-sel
for us to taste

Salt piled high after a season's harvest


The salt marshes of Guérande

During a 2-hour private visit with a paludier, or salt worker, learn how salt from Guérande is produced and harvested, and discover the gastronomic virtues of salt during a tasting of savory and sweet treats as we stroll through the marshes; witness fleur-de-sel being harvested, and taste the delicate salt straight off the trowel.


Fruit of the ocean, the sun and the wind, salt from the Brittany Atlantic coast of Guérande is hand-harvested by “paludiers,” or saltworkers, according to a traditional method dating back 1,000 years. This sea salt is completely natural, sun-dried, and guaranteed not to have been washed or refined. It is free of additives. Naturally rich in magnesium and a source of calcium and iron, Guérande coarse salt lends its complementary flavors to traditional family cooking: all kinds of food ~ pasta, vegetables, baked salt crusts, court bouillon, and grilling.

There are two types of salt produced and harvested in this region: Coarse Grey, known as Sel Gris or simply Sel Marin, and the popular "Fleur-de-Sel", meaning "salt blossom".

The salt pans in the marsh outside of medieval town Guérande

Grey salt piled up to drain in the sun

At the market in Piriac-sur-Mer, Karen is purchasing a 25 lb. bag of
coarse grey sea salt to bring home.

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