La Colle sur Loup

Nestled in beautiful natural environment of olive trees, lemon trees, oaks, pines, and perfume flowers, La Colle and St. Paul were one village in the 18th-century. La Colle sur Loup is a pleasant authentic village tucked in the hills of the Loup River between mountains and sea. The historic center offers lively shops and old narrow alleys with shady little squares, fountains, and beautifully carved doors. Once the capital of the perfume rose, today La Colle is renowned regionally for its antique dealers and decorators.

The 12th-century castle Canadel
The priory has been converted into the restaurant L'Abbaye; a fortified gateway, corner towers, cloisters and a Romanesque chapel can be found on the castle premises.

Quaint, charming, and untouristy, La Colle sur Loup is the perfect place for authenticity.

French visual artist and New Realist founder Yves Klein (1928-1962) was among several artists attracted to La Colle sur Loup; he is buried in the village cemetery. Klein worked with a chemist to develop his own particular brand of blue. Made from pure color pigment and a binding medium, it is called International Klein Blue, a deeply hued ultramarine. His created a series of monochromatic works featuring his blue, which extended to performance art as well, where Klein painted models' naked bodies and had them walk, roll, and sprawl upon wet canvases. The Blue Man Group chose International Klein Blue as their signature color, as Klein had a major influence on their work.

Exploring the village on foot

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