Major General Graham Hollands



Major General Graham Hollands is a guide with both detailed historical knowledge and first hand experiences of the friction and intensity of operations.

Major General Hollands served for 32 years with the British Royal Artillery. He commanded artillery at every level between Troop and Army Group and served as a principal Operational Staff Officer up to Army level. His service included five operational tours in Northern Ireland and a major role in the planning and deployment for Operation DESERT STORM.

He first came to Normandy in 1975 to study the battles of 1944 with some of the key participants. They included the renowned Panzer Commander Colonel Hans von Luck, General "Pip" Roberts, Sergeant Major Stan Hollis VC, veterans from the spectacular glider borne assault on Pegasus Bridge and local Resistance leaders.

Since then, aside from extensive research, he has led tours for historians, veterans, families and management groups. General Hollands lectures regularly on the Queen Mary 2 and has appeared on the Discovery Channel and the BBC as an expert commentator on D-Day and the Battle for Normandy.

Graham and his wife Lesley have lived in Normandy for 10 years. They run a successful and highly recommended bed and breakfast, Le Bocage La Morinière.


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