Culinary delights of Brittany

Crêpes & Galettes

In Brittany, the word "crêpe" is used when referring to the very thin pancake made with white flour and sugary fillings (crêpes sucrées) ~ the most popular being caramel au beurre salé and chocolat. The word "galette" refers to the very thin pancake made with pure buckwheat flour and filled with savory items (crêpes salées). There are an infinite variety of possible fillings for both sweet crepes and savory galettes.

A hot buttered griddle is the key to a crispy galette.

The classic galette ~ ham, cheese and egg ~ served in the classic
Brittany style with the egg in the middle.

Leek and mushroom galette with egg

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A fresh fig crêpe served with vanilla bean ice cream & a bowl of cider

Dessert crêpe ~ caramel au beurre salé
(caramel sauce made with salted butter from Guérande)... delish!

Charcuterie Bretonne

Dried salami with peppered with hazelnuts


Brittany is renowned for its ciders and liquers.
As with champagne, cider can be found as doux, demi-sec or brut.

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