Camembert cheese


Camembert cheese and crème fraîche made from raw cow's milk.
Due to USDA regulation, all camembert found in the United States been pasturized.

"Camembert is a subject that unites all the French," the former French president François Mitterrand once said. Camembert, whose sharp aroma was once likened to
"God's feet", was made fashionable by Napoleon III and popularized as part of rations to soldiers in WWI.

Camembert is made from raw cow's milk, and is ripened by the molds Penicillium candidum and Penicillium camemberti for at least 3 weeks.

It is produced in small rounds, approx. 12oz. in weight, which are then typically wrapped in paper and packaged in thin wooden boxes.

Although traditionally made only with raw milk, many countries today heavily restrict the production and sale of unpasteurised dairy products. In these countries, most or all cheeses sold as "Camembert" are actually made with pasteurised milk. The AOC (Apellation d'Origine Contrôlée) variety "Camembert de Normandie", is required by law to be made only with raw milk from cows of the Normandy breed.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called on UNESCO to put French gastronomy on its world heritage list. But when small, traditional producers are pitted against France 's industrial dairy giants the divide seems vast. more on the Camembert Wars

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