The Mont St-Michel Abbey

The Abbey of Mont St. Michel, or Saint Michael's Abbey, is one of the most remarkable sights on the coast of Brittany. Built directly upon the granite mount, the abbey is enclosed within high walls, thus providing the abbey and its church an impregnable position. Learn the fascinating history of the abbey during a private 2-hour tour, as we stroll through the impressive sight; visit areas that the public is not allowed access to, such as the ancient crypt.

Originally known as Mont Tombe, it all started with a small oratory which was built here in the 8th century. Work on the abbey began in the 10th century; by the 16th century, it increased the height of the mount almost two-fold. Legend has it that the bishop of Avranches heard the voice of Archangel Michael saying, "Build here and build high." With brilliant foresight, Michael reassured the bishop, "If you build it...they will come." A place of pilgrimage, particularly during the 12th and 13th centuries, the mount drew large numbers of pilgrims, some of whom had traveled great distances.

The Crypte des 30 Cierges, the 30 candles crypt

The oldest surviving part of the abbey ~ dating from 708 ~ is the deepest and
most important crypt, the one that housed relics.

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