Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo

When traveling, it's important to experience it rather than just visit and take photos. What better way than to dine at the restaurant Le Grill Hôtel de Paris and gamble a few euros at the Monte Carlo Casino?

An elegant table with a terrace overlooking Monaco's Port Hercules

You'll notice that there are no bottles or beverages set on the table. High French ettiquette maintains that one be served rather than serve oneself. Le Grill was the perfect place to experience French ettiquette, where we had a team of waiters and a head waiter all to ourselves.

Only the menus given to the men revealed the prices (!)

Sterling silver creamer and sugar

Navigation themed china brings to mind the works of Jacques Cousteau.

Our private terrace at Le Grill restaurant in Monte Carlo

View from our terrace of Port Hercules and La Condamine district

Zucchini and parmesan risotto - to die for!

Perfect magret de canard with baby new potatoes

the serving of the chocolate soufflé

French coffee with mignardises was the perfect way to end such an exquisite meal.

The sumptuous lobby of the Hôtel de Paris

Our guided visit and walk of Monaco began in the lobby of the Hôtel de Paris.

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